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Hot water (circulating water) flows into the filling of the heat exchanger from the top, and outside air flows in from both sides, and the outside air takes away the latent heat of evaporation of the hot water and cools the hot water.

Benefit of crossflow cooling tower

  • Open water distribution system on top deck: Easy for removal of foreign substances and cleaning.
  • Open sidewall with louver: Easy to inspect internal components such as filling.
  • Inspection walkway in tower: Easy to inspect inside the tower.



Hot water (circulating water) is distributed downward from a water distribution pipe with nozzles attached to the top of the cooling tower, and outside air is taken in from the bottom of the tower to cool the hot water by depriving the outside air of the evaporative latent water of the hot water.

03Hybrid (Plume abatement)

Hybrid (Plume abatement)
Hybrid (Plume abatement)

The air discharged from the cooling tower meets the outside air, which is hot and 100% humid. When it cooled, it becomes supersaturated and generates plume.
Plume is pure water vapor, but measures to prevent plume are sometimes taken in consideration of the local communities.

04Vibration abatement, Noise abatement, Energy saving measures

We comply with our customers' needs with our rich experience and technical capabilities for a wide variety of issues on environmental and energy-saving measures.

Plume abatement

Plume is pure water vapor, but measures to prevent plume are sometimes taken in consideration of the local communities, and a typical example is the heating method.
The heating method (DRY & WET) is a method that reduces the humidity of supersaturated air by mixing "high-temperature, high-humidity air" and "heated outside air" and discharges it as unsaturated air.

Noise abatement

Noise abatement
The source of cooling tower noise is the sound of the blower and the sound of falling water, which is transmitted outside the tower.
There are two ways to prevent noise: lowering the sound source itself or attenuating it by using sound absorption equipment. For the former, low-noise blowers are used, and for the latter, sound-absorbing louvers, sound-absorbing ducts, and sound insulation walls are used.

Drift abatement

Drift abatement
If the circulating water is highly corrosive, water droplets discharged from the fan may cause corrosion of peripheral equipment, pumps, etc.
As a countermeasure, we offer the most suitable type of drift eliminator from our wide selection.

Energy saving measures

In recent years, energy conservation has become an important factor in the operation of facilities.
Power consumption must be reduced as a rationalization measures, also to satisfy requirements of ISO 14001-certified facilities.

Energy saving measures for cooling tower

  • Inverter, Automatic Variable Wing
  • Fan operation control according to controlled temperature
  • Pump operation control in accordance with circulating water volume
  • High efficiency motor
  • Reduction of equipment load by improving cooling tower performance
  • Reduction of product power of fan and circulation pumps by replacing with high-performance cooling towers

Case Study: Energy saving measures

Inverter Control System

Power consumption can be reduced by adjusting the inverter frequency from the cooling water temperature and changing the fan speed. Even slight fluctuations in cooling water temperature have energy-saving effects.

System flow

System flow

Operation mode

Operation mode

05Tower Structure


Considering the site environment, water quality, etc., we offer the best solution for you.

Hot dip galvanized steel mold is used.
Durable and recyclable.
(Stainless steel structure is also available.)
FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastics) pultrusion is used. Excellent corrosive-resistant and light weight.
Uses wood that has undergone a special preservative treatment to improve durability. Suitable for low pH water.
Constructed with water basin.
Concrete structure is durable and robust.

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