To support stable operation and energy saving of cooling towers, we provide repairing, capacity restoration, and periodic maintenance services for both our products and other manufactures’ products.

01Inspection and Diagnosis

Inspection and Diagnosis
Inspection and Diagnosis
Inspection and Diagnosis

Regular inspections and management are required for stable operation of the cooling tower.
We perform various equipment diagnosis and performance diagnosis, and contribute to stable operation and energy saving.

Items to Inspect and Diagnose

  • Inspection, diagnosis & report
  • Performance measurement,diagnosis, report
  • Vibration measurement, diagnosis, report
  • Field balancing, report

Drone Inspection

Visual inspection by a drone.
Generally, it requires scaffolding or elevated vehicles to perform a inspection of a high-place, but it can be checked using a drone. This can be useful in reducing the cost of scaffolding, etc. and the maintenance period.
Photos and videos can be taken.

Inspection Items

  • Visual check of fan and report
  • Visual check of louvers and report
  • Visual check of cooling tower surroundings
  • 危険個所の目視点検・報告

*Drone inspection may not be able to be performed due to cooling tower operation or weather condition.

02Maintenance Service

Maintenance Service: Parts upgrade

Today, most of steel-structure cooling towers are treated with hot dip galvanizing to prevent corrosion.
However, prior to 1976, the rust-preventive treatment of steel materials used was mainly electroplating or painting.
In either case, the rust-preventive effect is not permanent, so partial repairs are necessary due to corrosion or rusting.

Upper (Distribution) basin

[ Before upgrade ] Upper (Distribution) basin

After upgrade

[ After upgrade ]


Partial repair using FRP pultruded material as an alternative structure to wood is also possible.
Although the material cost is slightly higher than wood, it is maintenance-free after replacement.
In particular, FRP is recommended for important areas where people walk, such as deck, floor, and around fan stack.

Structure of wooden cooling tower

[ Before upgrade ] Structure of wooden cooling tower

FRP structure

[ After upgrade ] FRP structure

03Spare parts

Spare parts
Drift eliminator(RE-150)
Drift eliminator(型式L-3)
Upper basin

We handle and carry a wide range of components related to cooling towers, including fillings, gears reducer, electric motor, and drive shaft. Please feel free to contact us.

Spare parts

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